Work Stress | How to be a Winning Organization

Excessive work stress costs the US economy over $300B a year in poor performance, missed work, health-related expenses, and unwanted turnover. In fact, according to ZipRecruiter, work stress was by far the leading cause of unwanted turnover in America in 2022.

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Dr. Marcus J. Fila

Speaker, Consultant, Researcher

Marcus is a speaker, researcher, and consultant on reducing work stress, unwanted employee turnover, and on successfully diversifying the workforce. His interest in these subjects developed during ten years in business development and senior executive recruitment positions in the US and UK. As a headhunter, he was “paid to make turnover happen”, and quickly found that unaddressed forms of work stress were at the root of many of his successful assignments. However, Marcus became more interested in fixing the mess caused by excessive and unnecessary work stress than simply moving people away from it, and onto another potentially broken situation.