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Payroll in Hospitality Master Class: Tipped Employees and Beyond

The hospitality industry’s payroll practices (and the actual, legal rules) are difficult to navigate. Can you charge a server for uniforms or when one of their guests walks out on their tab? Can servers getting the tipped wage do untipped work while paid at that wage? What distinctions apply for delivery drivers when it comes to tips and mileage rules that might get employers in trouble?

Time for Q&A will be included with questions submitted at registration with others to be added as time allows.


Helen Mills

Helen Mills

Partner, Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC

Helen “Lizzie” Mills is a Partner at Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC, specializing in management-side labor and employment law. She is passionate about labor and employment matters and proactively works with employers to address (and avoid!) tough situations before they arise. Whether it’s negotiating the terms of a complex labor contract or defending an employer against an unlawful discrimination claim, Lizzie avidly represents her clients’ interests efficiently and effectively. Lizzie is highly regarded in her field and routinely presents on issues related to labor and employment matters across the state.